The image is a photograph taken of a gorgeous, brightly coloured elephant family, personalised print. The family print is framed. The elephants are beautifully illustrated and vary in colour. There is a blue elephant at the front. The Daddy elephant. He is blue with stars. Behind him is the large pink elephant. This is the mummy elephant and she is pink with stars on. Behind her is the first sized child elephant. They are blue with stars on to represent the eldest boy. Holding onto the tail of the child in front is the second son in a green colour. He is a smaller sized green elephant with stars. The third child is an even smaller elephant. This baby elephant is pink with stars on and is holding onto the tail of the child in front. Her brother. The elephants are connected and march together to form this bright and colourful image of a family. Above the elephants is the families surname and the date when the family was establish in. Established since. Above the surname is some colourful bunting with stars on to match the elephants with stars on. The elephants are available in different colours to reflect the different families that will order the print. Below the elephants and finishing of the family print is a garland of stars.

The image is of the Greetings Cards logo by Leeds based artist Amanda Reynolds. The text reads Greetings cards with the artist palette that has been created in the union jack design and colours. The logo is part of the branding of artist Amanda Reynolds. Her greetings cards collections have themes from Dog & Duck and more.

Personalised prints are now a very popular gift for something special and a little bit different. Our personalised prints are high quality products and all come framed as standard. The artist, Amanda Reynolds continues to develop the range of personalised prints. Personalised family trees are available. And for something wildly different is our large, square Big Blue the bull elephant personalised print. To see more from the artist go to

The rhinoceros head watercolour print is from the Wild Art collection created by UK based artist Amanda Reynolds. It is framed in a simple white, mdf square frame. The watercolour print was reproduced from the artists original watercolour painting. And is printed in fine art detail onto watercolour paper in the artist studios based in Castleford, Yorkshire. The gentle greens and soft brown palette of the Rhino mean this print will look great in neutral interior schemes and any elegant living spaces.

The image is a photograph of the personalised elephant print framed in a large, square white frame. The detail is to a fine art level of detail and the big blue bull elephant looks fantastic personalised with your name on it. The image shows a small plastic elephant as this print was for a boy’s nursery. Personalised nursery print that is a little bit different. To see more from the artist Amanda Reynolds, please visit her Yorkshire studio or click at

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