Personalised | Elephant Family Print

Personalised | Elephant Family Print


  • Small (A5) | Up to 3 Elephants maximum
  • Medium (A4) | Up to 5 Elephants maximum
  • Large (A3) | Up to 6 Elephants maximum

Make the Elephant Family your own personal artwork by adding elephants and names to represent you and your family.


1 – Purchase your ‘Personalised Elephant Family Print’ through the website. Please let me know how you want your design to look by emailing or private message us on our  Facebook page AmandaReynoldsART

2 – Your design will be created and a digital preview emailed to you.

3 – Once confirmation is received from you your artwork will be printed. It usually takes 5-7 working days for your order to be completed ready for dispatch.



Beautiful families and friends who love and support, keep us strong!”

Please provide the following info by email or Facebook: or Direct Message to Facebook AmandaReynoldsART

  • Adult Elephants (Single or pair & colours)
  • Children (Sizes & colours)
  • Top Title (Add subtitle if required)
  • Top Flag Bunting (Stars or spots)
  • Bottom Garland (Stars or hearts)

If you would like something different within your design email or private message us on our  Facebook page AmandaReynoldsART

Small (A5) | Up to 3 Elephants 

Medium (A4) | Up to 5 Elephants

Large (A3) | Up to 6 Elephants

This personalised watercolour elephant family print is beautifully illustrated.


The Pretty Wild elephant family print is custom made and centred around families. Elephant family prints are perfect for elephant loving families and friends.

High end print looks like the original watercolour painting.

Celebrate family with this bespoke word art print and make someone special smile.

Additional information

Elephant Family

Small UN-MOUNTED (Max 3 Elephants) 21x15cm, Small MOUNTED (Max 3 Elephants) 24x30cm, Medium UN-MOUNTED (Max 5 Elephants ) 21x30cm, Medium MOUNTED (Max 5 Elephants) 30x39cm, Large UN-MOUNTED (Max 6 Elephants) 32x45cm, Large MOUNTED (Max 6 Elephants) 39x51cm