Whale Watching | Family Portrait

Step into your own family story book with a beautiful watercolour illustration like ‘Whale Watching’.

‘Whale Watching’ was commissioned by the Grandma of the two girls featured in the painting. They live in Australia and the painting was inspired by the photograph taken of them as they took a break in New Zealand.

Grandma posted it out to her daughter as a gift. She explained to me that her eldest grand daughter can’t stop looking at the painting because it’s so beautiful!

I also created a print of the original for their Grandma to keep and frame too.

For your next brilliant Family Portrait of you and all your tribe, the Family Portrait service is perfect for you.

Beautiful family portrait watercolour painting of two girls looking out to the open ocean watching two whales in the bay. A small white rabbit peeps out at the two little girls from behind a rock.

Capture a moment forever of you and your family just being ‘Family.’

No Frills | No Fake | Just Family! Personalities, favourite things, quirky habits can all be painted in, on your sofa, on a picnic, sitting in your garden. Celebrate all that love for each other in a brilliantly funny and very original painting for your home.

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Watercolour commission of two brothers and their black Labrador playing a game of tug of war.

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