Artist Amanda Reynolds in her art studio based in Yorkshire with a pet portrait

Hi there, I’m Amanda.

My favourite part about creating Pet & Family Portraits is when I receive lots of photos of the dogs or people going into a painting. I find out about their favourite places to walk, or favourite places they love to go. I get to know what interests or hobbies they have, what toys they love and generally get a feel for their personalities. This is so I can create a picture that incorporates all these things in, because it’s important to me to reflect who they are, for you. After all, you are going to be looking at your painting for a very long time to come. And when you do, I’d like to think it will continually bring a smile to your face, raise you up with joy and make you feel warm with love.

My story.

I love dogs; I remember lying down on the kitchen floor with my childhood dog. She was a golden Labrador called Sally; even saying her name just makes me feel warm and comforted inside. I used to lay next to her and stroke her velvet soft ears until I fell asleep sometimes. I was only very little, I hadn’t even started school. But I remember it so clearly.

There’s a connection you have with them that bonds you without words. It comforts you unconditionally and there’s a friendship that lasts a lifetime. They’re always there for you, waiting patiently for you to look their way. That’s why I’m a dog person and that’s why I understand you too.

Do you have an early childhood memory about your first dog? I’d love to hear about them. You can share them with me in the comments below or join me over on social media.

Labrador by Amanda Reynolds is a simple oil pastel with a watercolour wash of a side profile view of a yellow / fox red Labrador holding their paw up with a tennis ball at their feet. The Labrador is looking at a little blue butterfly that floats just above their head. Simply beautiful.
Sally | The Golden Labrador

“I’m a versatile Illustrative and Fine Art artist. I use my techniques to provide different styles of portraits for you to choose from. This means I can create a better Pet Portrait to suit you!”

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Dogs are funny.

I’d like to share another little dog story with you, one that should make you smile. My husband was named after a guide dog! Don’t you think that’s brilliant? I have never met another person named after a dog…it still tickles me every time I think about it. His dog was called Barney and he was a great big bouncing golden Labrador. My hubby’s favourite Uncle was a blind man, called Dave, once Uncle Dave stayed over and Barney ran upstairs and jumped on top of his Uncle laid in bed. Uncle Dave exclaimed to the dog, “Ahh Barney!. Your ears are like velvet. But your breath stinks like sh*t!” I think we’d all agree with Uncle Dave about our own pooches at times.

These are the types of stories I love to hear from my visitors and customers alike. They give our dogs even bigger personalities and provide us with hilarious memories.

Do you know anyone named after a guide dog? Let me know if you do. Maybe they should start an “I’ve been named after a dog club!”

What stories do you have about your dog? I’d really like to hear about them. Why not share them on the page below.

Real Friends Whatever The Weather is a watercolour print of a characterful, rotund lady who loves dogs. As the wind blows the dogs ears around she tries to hang the washing out. Mavis hangs out the dog toys and her polka dot bloomers. The dogs sit in the wicker washing basket and the tiny mouse is in her apron. She wears an apron with cherries on and blue jeans and grey tshirt. A peg is in her mouth as she fights against the blowing wind.

Everything I create is to a high standard.

My dogs.

I’ve got my own dogs too, a beautiful Fox Red Labrador called Juno and a rescue pup called Indie. I’m so happy to put Pets and Art together.

Fox red Labrador Juno and rescue puppy, Staffordshire Bull Terrier with eye patch
Juno & Indie

Unleashing my creativity.

I’m thrilled to paint dogs and families from all over the world and connect on social media with lots of other dog lovers who get excited as I do to create pet portraits for them. It makes for such a more colourful and cheery home to unleash your pet into art.

I also create lot’s of funny Dog Art for prints in my SHOP and with so many ideas in my head, I can’t wait to keep developing them in the studio.

Amanda Reynolds Art has an exciting future and I’m so happy to be able to put two things I love together to keep going.


I’d love to get to know you and your pet too and welcome you on this journey by joining my mailing list. You can also introduce yourself through the comments boxes below or Amanda Reynolds Art pages on Facebook and Instagram. 

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What I stand for.

I engage in the war on plastic daily and keep it to a minimum in my studio. I like to recycle plastic food containers for mixing paints or using as water pots all the time. It gives them a second life, as it feels like all our food seems to come in plastic! I also use board to draw on, that would have otherwise been thrown away. These are cut off that are unusable for the framers I use. So instead of recycling them, I get to create works of art on them. They are in perfect condition too. I also use art back board for the back of your picture that is from sustainable sources and am looking into environmentally sourced clear wrapping for the painting to go in once completed.  

Do you have any plastic free tips for artists like me? Please get in touch if you do, I’d love to hear more ways I can become a plastic free artist.

Artist Amanda Reynolds in her art studio based in Yorkshire with a pet portrait