When Times Are Tough

When times are tough finding small sources of comfort and joy to break through the clouds can make all the difference.

Amanda Reynolds Art logo including image from Real Friends Sniff Bums artwork. Featuring a basset hound, grey whippet, scruffy terrier, black labrador and chihuahua all sniffing each others bums making friends.

Keeping artwork fun and bright really can raise a smile on a dark day for you. That’s why the ‘Real Friends’ collection is such a tonic for a lot of dog lovers across the UK.

Real Friends Love Each Other | Real Friends Sniff Bums
Just two of the prints from a huge range of gorgeous artwork depicting friendship and good humour.

Tote bag featuring the popular painting of a Chocolate Labrador was originally created in oil pastels with kohl pencil and watercolour wash. The Chocolate Labrador sits, side profile looking inquisitively at a little blue butterfly as it flutters by. A green tennis ball is at the feet of the Chocolate Labrador.


In 2020 artwork has moved out of the studio onto a range of great products.
Amanda Reynolds ART has teamed up with Zazzle the popular ‘Print On Demand’ online store. 
Delivering across the UK and internationally.

Real Friends Holds Our Hearts Forever dog mug. This a beautifully sentimental limited
Real Friends Hold Our Hearts Forever mug now available through the Zazzle store online.

The range will continue to grow at our Zazzle store.

Shop at the online store through Zazzle for a great range of products featuring funny dog art, dog mugs, dog towels, dog tote bags and more.

PET PORTRAITS are on going so book yours now.

Book a pet and family portrait with artist Amanda Reynolds.

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