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Let’s Get Personal!

This March the new ‘Let’s Get Personal’ dog breeds collection has launched.
You can now choose a breed of dog and personalise your print with their name and 3 personality traits of their very individual own.
Bin Raider | Cat Chaser | Shoe Chewer | Ball Addict… which personality type is your dog?

This is a really lovely personalised dog print of a white Romanian Rescue Dog. They wear a neckerchief and look inquisitively at a little blue butterfly. The back ground is a soft cream colour. The personalised dog print features the dogs name and three personality traits can also be added.
The personalised English Bull Dog print features a brown and tan Old English Bull Dog who is curiously staring at a little blue butterfly. The background is a cream oil pastel, textured background with an ink wash. The personalised English Bull Dog print features the dogs name and 3 personality traits of the dog.

Make it personal; it’s the thought that counts.
Gift a personalised print.

March Madness
Be the first to buy the NEW PRINT RELEASES this month and get them at the new release DISCOUNTED rate.

Rub A Dub Dub Four Dogs In A Tub is a beautifully soft and quirky dog print by Amanda Reynolds Art. Originally created in oil pastels by Amanda this is a picture of four dogs in a little boat on the open seas. The colours are gentle aqua blues and creams. There is a scruffy black dog, Dalmatian, Basset Hound and little Staffordshire Bull Terrier.
NEW RELEASE | Rub A Dub Dub Four Dogs In A Tub
Lean On Me is a beautiful dog print featuring a Labrador, little terrier and chihuhua all leaning on each other for strength and support. A really sweet print to bring a gentle smaile to your lips. This dog print was originally created in oil pastels and has been created with a cream background, golden yellow ochre, brown and black. The little blue butterfly is featured in the print, as she is in most of Amanda Reynolds Art dog prints. A sentimental print great for dog lovers.

Made Just For Her | Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

You can order a beautiful watercolour print just for Mum this Mother’s Day.
Flood it with Love Hearts and add the whole family.

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