Christmas Dog Lovers

What Do I BUY THEM this year? A Pet Portrait Gift Voucher is perfect as a last minute gift or really easy gift to send to friends and family worldwide. The fab way to surprise your friend or family member this Christmas.

This year a lovely bunch of dog lovers across the land have meant sales of my Pet Portrait service has grown rapidly. With so many satisfied customers, this voucher is the reason why the NEW Pet Portrait Gift Voucher has arrived specifically in time for your Christmas 2019.

The amazing dog owners of the UK really do love their pets, and I love creating fantastic artwork of them for you in my charming and funny style.

This is a funny, fantastic commission to include her husband, his amazing MG Roadster red sports car, and their cocker spaniel dog. The driver is zooming down a country lane and bouncing over a hill. The dogs ears are flailing about as his face is very happy. Their are sheep in the field and background and a little Norman church on the horizon.
Pet Portrait | The Great Escape | Birthday Present

Dog owners like you are thoughtful, kind and loving. When it comes to Pet Portraits you love to include their quirky habits and personalities. I will completely personalise an original one of a kind painting, for them of their own beautiful dogs.

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A beautiful watercolour pet portrait commission of a blue olde english bull dog and a white and tan parsons jack Russell. They are both looking at a blue butterfly as they stand by the side of their lake in their large garden. There are a pair of crocs propped up next to a fishing tackle bag as these represent the customers husband as this was a birthday gift for his 40th birthday. The lake is a calm blue and the green summer trees surround it with reeds in the foreground.
Pet Portrait | Gone Fishing | Birthday Present

With an original you can choose who’s in it, where they are, what they’re doing and more. It’s what makes them unique. I ask my customers for a few photographs then decide which way I might create each Pet Portrait. Some may be in watercolour paints like the two above. Some might be in Oil Pastels, like these below.

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Set in a black frame in a room with a grey armchair and green cheese plant. This is a beautiful piece of art of a Collie dog created by artist Amanda Reynolds in oil pastels. The Collie dog is viewed in a side profile and is black and white. The Collie dog looks inquisitively at a little pink butterfly which flies over some pink roses and his dog toy sits at his feet. The dog toy is a ball on a rope. .
Pet Portrait | Beautiful Jake
This is an original oil pastel for a customer of artist Amanda Reynolds. The pet portrait is of a deceased black and white staffordshire bull terrier and was commissioned as a beautiful memory of him. He is in a front view of a staffy sitting down. He is situated on a beach with a very big stick in front of him. The staffy also has starfish and a sandcastle and rocks around hi. In the background there is an old ruined castle on the cliffs. A red and white lighthouse and a sailing boat on the horizon.
Pet Portrait | Besides The Seaside
Pet Portrait | Sunbathing Poodles | Mothers Day Gift

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Pet Portrait | Dude & Mini | Birthday Gift

You can buy an amazing gift with a real difference this Christmas with an Amanda Reynolds Art Pet Portrait Gift Voucher.

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