White Boxer Dog (6)

A commissioned pet portrait, of a very naughty white boxer dog. He is known to pull everything apart and likes feather pillows. The watercolour painting of Ollie the boxer dog shows him sitting down in the yellow armchair with chewed arms. Surrounded by the feathers flying in the air from the feather pillow he has pulled apart. His favourite teddy bear is also missing and eye and an arm as his stuffing falls out of him. Ollie’s toy sausages hang off the armchair on a rope. He loves his toy sausages. The pink and flowery cushion sits nearby. Painted for a the family who owns Ollie. Their Mum commissioned the painting as a surprise for them all.

Commissions by Yorkshire based Artist Amanda Reynolds. Love your family and pets? Love family portraits and pet portraits by Amanda. Also shop online in the ACRDesign shop. Quality art and gifts. For greetings cards, stationery and homeware gifts. Personalised beautiful prints are also available. They make great birthday gifts and special occasions. Inspired by the British countryside that surrounds Amanda in the rolling hills of Yorkshire. Beautiful countryside equals beautiful art. Amanda has also created the dog theme. Products for people looking for cups for dogs. Gifts for dogs. Gifts for dog lovers. Gifts for ducks. Gifts for duck lovers. Countryside walks and countryside lovers. Gifts with dogs on and mugs with dogs on.

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