Hugging Strangers!

This is an original oil pastel for a customer of artist Amanda Reynolds. The pet portrait is of a deceased black and white staffordshire bull terrier and was commissioned as a beautiful memory of him. He is in a front view of a staffy sitting down. He is situated on a beach with a very big stick in front of him. The staffy also has starfish and a sandcastle and rocks around hi. In the background there is an old ruined castle on the cliffs. A red and white lighthouse and a sailing boat on the horizon.

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Let’s get started, with the latest Pet Portrait just finished and handed over.

My lovely customer (who I’d never met before) came to my house last night to collect the Pet Portrait I had created for her…she got a bit teary, she shared her beautiful story, we celebrated her tender relationship with her Staffy who has now passed away and she hugged me. You can view her Staffy Beside The Seaside here.

It’s OK, I’m good with hugging strangers, it tends to happen a lot. Which made me think about the Pet Portraits I create a little bit more. You can see more Pet Portraits Here

Drawing dogs is great fun, when you’re a dog person you cannot walk past a dog without falling in love immediately. You know the feeling. (Love at first sight). It’s their friendly, jolly nature, which spills over and grabs a dog persons heart, which balloons with love. It’s those eyes, the soft chutchy wutchy faces and wet noses. You can see more Dogs here. This is what I enjoy celebrating with you all. That love and friendship we have with our pets can be found in the Pet Portrait service.

Pet Portraits are personal, it takes time for me to create one; lot’s of sketching and asking questions. Photos and messages zip through the internet as I get to know your pets. Finding out what their favourite toys are, what their personality’s like, working hard so it works for you. It can be a real honour to give a gift that will make someone cry (in a good way) as they celebrate their friendship and love for family through art too.

It’s important your experience is cheery, easy, friendly and makes you smile for years and years to come, just like your Artwork. Which is Art Gallery quality…view a collection here.

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