Lest We Forget watercolour illustration for Poppy Day

Commissioned paintings by Castleford artist Amanda Reynolds. Range from personalised names on pirate ships. With octopus and mermaids. Plenty of fish. Customised names on pink hearts. With candy canes and candy pink cupcakes and little hearts. Family trees with names painted on and all the dogs and cats and pets in the family. Pet portraits. Family portraits. Amanda has a fun and quirky style, life is not to be taken too seriously. Watercolour commissions are all different sizes and affordable. Paintings of different dog breeds. Dachshund watercolour painting. Staffy watercolour painting. Staffordshire bull terrier watercolour painting. Labrador watercolour painting. St Bernard watercolour painting. Collie dog watercolour painting. Dog watercolours paintings. Love cats and dogs. Gifts for dog lovers. Love dogs. Love family pets. Pet lovers. Dog birthday presents. Dog birthday gifts. I love my dog. Mugs with dogs on. Dog mugs. Matching dog mug and coaster. Doggy lover. Dog lover.

the image is a simple scene of an second world war soldier. He is dressed in the green Coldstream Guards uniform and is infantry to the Guards Armoured Division. He has his All Seeing Eye shoulder insignia and is crouched down smiling at two young French children. There is a little girl and a little boy dressed in the same eras clothing. The little girl shyly holds out a poppy for the soldier. The image represents Poppy Day and is always accompanied with the words Lest We Forget.

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