She said “…I never print the photos off Amanda. I never know which to choose, there are so many lovely ones of him”.

The photo gallery on my phone has 994 photo’s in. Mostly of the kids and our days out and days in. I will not be printing 994 photos off of my children, because I am not a fully fledged nutcase.

About 14 of them will make it onto social media. 2 or 3 from the days out, 1 or 2 cute ones at home. 6 or 7 I will forward to the hubby on messenger. 3 or 4 to my sister. I could probably delete 226 of that lot leaving me with about 774 available to create an amazing digital photo album. I will get round to creating that masterpiece at, quarter past NEVER!! That’s way too daunting. What happened to getting 35 glossy 6×4″ photos developed at BOOTS, 16 of which were blurred or had a strange yellow light anomaly on them. ( I’m showing my age now right? ).

I guess once our phones are jam packed with memories, and have no memory left, we might delete a few and  eventually be forced to upload them to the cloud. Or down load them to our laptops; obviously to print and frame at a much later date…maybe once the youngest leaves uni, or when retirement arrives!

Where are all our lovely funny pictures going, except into the dusty whirring magical depths of hardware.  When will we sit down and have a slide show of the thousands upon thousands of images of our growing cheeky chappies and posing princesses?

Well I have the answer…it ain’t happening. The jobs too big, the worlds too digital, the gallery’s keep growing. We keep snapping. Well my friends, my customer came up with a brilliant solution.

“Can you paint my Grandson in a picture please?” she asked.  “Yes” said I. And the first customer sent me loads of cute and funny photo’s of her grandson. In a wave of a digital wand, I had 20 great images I could use to create one great painting of their grandson Ted. It became a lovely framed KEEPSAKE, an original watercolour. A classic gift, to be treasured, of her little treasure, forever.

“I love it” she said “can you paint me another in a couple of years please?” she asked. “And I can create a wall of paintings, marking his journey as he grows. I never print the photos off Amanda. I never know which to choose, there are so many lovely ones of him.”.

So together we have started to create a real gallery, her own personal art gallery, a beautiful wall of memories in her home.

More and more customers have gone on to do the same, sending me some fantastic photo’s over. I have created a toddler with the Gruffalo, 3 brothers swinging from a tree, 2 knights in armour with their furry brother, ( the black Labrador puppy).

Make memories from your digital memories and commission a KEEPSAKE painting today. Send your own pictures over and watch me turn them into a fantastic, colourful, fun and bright classic KEEPSAKE, never to age. Let’s mark their journeys together.

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Amanda x




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