Dog & Duck

Focus, focus, focus… that’s the challenge for myself, in 2017. And focusing itself, for any creative mind is a challenge in itself, I think. But, I have tried my hardest, so I can develop a theme for my greetings cards and a small product range. I’m trying to get organised, I’m trying to sort my sh*t out, that’s a pretty tall order!

I started by visiting The Spring Fair in the NEC, way back in 2016. I did a bit of snooping at my competition, checking out the artist’s stands and quality of work. Mostly I admired them for being so focused and some I thought ‘I can do this. I can do this better than that!’ I approached the greetings cards agents and licensing exhibitors and found the general consensus to be a lack of male orientated cards that are funny.

So I spent the next few weeks trying to come up with something ‘manly’ something ‘for him’ something I could relate to, something my husband could relate to and something we both found funny. But the ideas weren’t appearing, the theme wasn’t even off the ground by an inch, it was still flat as a fart, laid down, hugging the ground like a bloody Michelin tyre with full tred!  I was officially crap at this.

Then one morning, it was actually 3am in the morning. Some call it witching hour…it’s more like twitchy legs and need a wee hour, in our house. But anyway, Dog & Duck came to me in a flash. I actually went and got a note pad and pen from downstairs; after my wee that is; and scribbled my silly ideas down.

And as they say, Dog & Duck was born, into the rolling hills of Yorkshire.  A comical, countryside duo who’s friendship includes taking the micky out of each other, giving the odd slap on the back and generally being mates!

I was so excited to get started, I could barely get back to sleep that night. But I had to prepare myself for the standard day ahead of me, which consists of; everyone being fully dressed, washed and fed, the dog being walked and everyone being in the right nursery or class room on time and me being sat at my part time desk job trying to look fresh!

But I managed it and I focused and in between raising three very lively youngsters, still working part time and keeping the husband clean and the house happy…hang on, is that meant to be the other way round. I have worked diligently sketching and scribbling and laughing to myself as the countryside duo developed and got up to many antics.

I have created 20 designs so far in the greetings cards range and just got them all onto the website. They will be available to buy soon. The calendar will be designed next, ready for sale for 2018. And soon, very soon I shall be sipping from a mighty mug with Dog & Duck on and resting it on a coaster of dogs sniffing bums! I never thought I would be so excited about a dogs bottom…but I am.

Can’t wait to officially release everything for sale and start trying to get it into some outlets in the big wide world. All in good time though…now where did I leave the kids?

Amanda x

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