Clear Out!

The cupboard door opens…it stares at me, like a frustrating nightmare.”Why can’t I find anything? Because it hasn’t been filed for over a year that’s why.” A YEAR!!! Yes it has been cleverly ignored, roughly piled, into a kind of; I’ll remember where I put that, grouping sort of order. Because this is a serious art business and filing is fundamental to an organised mind and company right?

Ah! An organised mind…I closed the door again and know I will do it tomorrow. ‘Really…tomorrow?’

Well tomorrow came, after a very frustrating 40 minutes of huffing and cursing and puffing and looking for a particular illustration that needed scanning. It had gone, it was gone, stolen, misplaced, recycled, impossible it was here in this pad or was it that plastic wallet, maybe it was here or there.

Everything stopped. I held the cupboard door wide open and stared in…the cupboard stared back at me, like a Mexican stand off. “You’ve gotta take it all out.” the cupboard said, in a Clint Eastwood stylee.

“No. No, I really don’t have the time.” I stepped back.

“You’ve gotta take it all out, to find what your looking for!” Said the old Sage knowingly.

“No…no I’ll find it if I just lift these up and look underneath a bit and move these and look in this folder or this portfolio. Shut up cupboard, it’s FINE.” I whinged. I knew only one person was to blame for this hold up.

“You’ve gotta…”

“OK, OK I know, I KNOWWWW!” I shouted and rolled my eyes stepping closer. And so, I carefully emptied the whole art cupboard. I mean everything came out of there, every folder was emptied, every plastic wallet, every portfolio sleeve…it ALL came out. Then I stood and looked over it all across the floor. I was like some kind of giant artist, procrastinating and looming over a filing punishment of some kind. Then it hit me and I thought…’Sh*t what have I done?..this is gonna take ages. I don’t have time for this!’

And it did, but now I’m super speedy, whizzing around and I know exactly where to find my book illustrations, my personalised artwork, my family trees, my African work, my red robins and ducks and magazine work-book reference, my everything. Talk about Mrs Productive.

Except then I lost my layout pad the next day and spent half and hour looking for it, I even emptied the recycling bin. Could I find it, after that whole filing mountain adventure…could I. Not until I looked under the scanner hood!

And so satisfied I have matured a little more, become more business serious and effective in administration, a real credit to my office, I would recommend a good old fashioned Feng Shui clear-out and re-order of the old art cupboard, but then I saw this quote…”If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what then, is an empty desk a sign of?” Albert Einstein. Well sh*t the bed!

Amanda x

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