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“What’s a commission Amanda?” I was asked the other day.

“Well, it’s about you” I replied “your family, your friends, your loved ones and little ones. You customising, tailoring a beautiful original painting, through me, the artist. Creating a completely unique gift, that no one else in the whole world will ever have. A gift you can put some thought into, reflecting the person you order it for amongst the designs. It’s so unique, it’s made just for that person. ”

Any personalised gift is very special, but you can use an artists talents, to convey so much more in a painting. I choose only to use traditional skills and techniques I was trained in and high quality paints, sable brushes and artist’s materials. Because I respect the customer, and want to produce something that looks and feels luxurious and ‘Gallery Quality’. I choose to take my time, no rushing at 100 miles per hour to knock it out, because you can see if an artists work is a quick production and it kills my whimsical and modern style. I can add in any toy, pets, hobby, character or pretty much any idea my customer has, because I’m another tool to be used so they can produce their own personalised piece with me.

A customised or commissioned painting says,  “I love you. I love that you cannot sleep without your little white bunny. That you love your red wellies so much, you won’t take them off for bed. So look, I had them both painted in a picture forever, just for you sweetheart.”

A painting says, “My little pirate is gorgeous. I love how you wear your pirate outfit to the shops, wielding a sword! And when you grow up, your going to be a pirate and I can come on your pirate ship. Thank you for being you. Look, I had you and your ship painted in a picture for your bedroom. Sweet dreams.”

A painting says to a close friend, “Your new baby is beautiful, I’m so blooming pleased for you. I know how special she is to you, so I had an artist paint this just for her, for the nursery.”

Creating a painting with me, is to say, “Happy Birthday Munchkin. Happy Christening Day Gorgeous. Merry Christmas Monkey. Happy Anniversary Honey. I love you, we love you, thanks for being you.”

It’s about you and your loved ones. I often get messages back to say, “Amanda thanks, it’s so beautiful. Her parents loved it, I love it. It made them cry.” Grandma G

“Amanda, thank you so much. My son loved it, he can’t wait to show everyone he’s in a painting. It’s really lovely.” Mummy H

“Thanks again Amanda, my best friend loved it. She’s been trying for a baby for ages, this meant the world to them.” Lisa S

It’s great fun working closely with customers at Amanda Reynolds Designs, to create a painting together. Their ideas are great, and it’s fun to get to know someones personality through all the little things I am asked to add in. Like a fox, to represent the surname Fox or someones favourite teddy, or a bunny rabbits because they simply love rabbits. The family pets always love an appearance too, I get sent lots of photo’s to help with the designs. It’s so much fun turning a photo into a character.  I created one for someones wedding anniversary for their wife who loved tennis and baking and all these things were added into the painting…she loved it, husband scored a few brownie points too.

My paintings answer the question, “What can I get them that’s really good, not just another bracelet or toy, something they can remember their special birthday or Christmas by?” It’s perfect for that really special choice, the paint never fades away on the paper I use, it lasts a lifetime and more…just like love. Amanda x  

Amanda Reynolds Designs…Gallery Quality ART Family Friendly Design

This beautiful watercolour is sat on the background of a pink candy striped heart, typically girly and sweet. A pink ribbon weaves throgh the hear and a variety of characters is shown as an example of what the artist, Amanda Reynolds, can do for the customer. A fairy paints the letters on, a little ginger tabby sits and cleans his paw, a lovely little girl hugs her Labrador puppy and a teddy rabbit swings in the background. The wise old owl oversees the characters. The colourful lettering is created in an old English font and there is an area for a special date to be added. Roses and forget me knot flowers and small hearts are dotted around and two little blue birds watch on.
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