Chuffing Admin

Numbers are rubbish, they swim around on the page shouting at me, as for admin, it sends me into a psychotic frenzy of “Where?…where is that chuffing scan I just worked on? Why is it not in the folder I think it should be in? Why do I have so many folders….arrggghh I need to focus, focus focus…but it’s so boring! Focus. I can’t focus, I want to draw.”

My paint brushes sit idle in their jar teasing me, and pintrest  and instagram icons beckon to be clicked on like a naughty friend at school, the one you were always separated from because they distracted you.

But there’s a lot to be said about focussing, I learnt a valuable lesson last year with it. I mean really pinning yourself down onto a project. This year is all about developing a theme, one theme, not a thousand at once (which is my usual way). Deciding on the format to be worked towards, the materials and finding a printing house with the same vision for your art work as you.

Yes it’s down to a clear goal and working towards that, but my problem is the distractions, the meanderings of an artist…the starter projects…the sketching when an idea pops up…that 3 year old bottom lip feeling of “Noooo I don’t want to do the admin…someone do it for me for free. I will love them forever. Can’t someone go find a printer for me, who else can go buy the materials, do the invoicing, organise the digitally formatted images…I just want to draw fairies and knights today, and chat to the dog!”

But I have accomplished a lot through steering myself back onto what I should be working on, it’s hard for a creative type person, but it’s achievable. It’s still challenging though, for my arty farty mind, but it’s that focus that steers me back to my to do list and it works! That voice inside my head that says,

“Hey STOP…are you really meant to be googling art material voucher codes right now? Or are you going to work on your theme…that Zebra, the one you keep putting off because it’s so detailed?” I think we all know what the answer was to my voice of reason!

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