The Battle-Autism

This heart warming review was sent from a reader with an autistic teenage son. She said Grandad’s War has helped him understand the emotions of war more. Here is her message she was happy for me to share. “On recommendation I bought your book ‘Grandad’s War’ for my 17 year old son who has autism. He is obsessed with military warfare, tactics etc. But due to his literal thinking he never understood the emotions of war. I would like to thank you…your book helped my son understand the emotions behind the documented facts, something that is very hard to grasp. You clearly have a gift…thank you. Tez”

‘Processing information can be difficult for an autistic person. Even if they understand a situation, they may not have processed the words that go with that situation.’ ( The National Autistic Society )Part of the battle with autism and children on the autistic spectrum is communication and understanding. In this instance, the story has been able to reach into his world and touch his emotional understanding, which is magnificent. Steve told his story with truth and simplicity, his interview was carefully transcribed to honour his words as he told them to me, over hot cups of tea and biscuits, in the comfort of his front room, the one always used for ‘best or guests’. He was a man who could ‘warm the cockles’ of everyone he met. I am certain he would be happy to know he has helped a fine young man learn a bit more about such an important part of history, and the human element of fear and loss this brought.  Thank you to Tez for sharing her lovely review with me. Amanda x

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Grandads War book cover which is in sepia colour looking old and distressed. In the photograph is a young soldier, Sergeant Stephen Simpson 2664217 Coldstrem Guard. It reads Grandads War by A C Reynolds A Coldstream Guards Frontline Experiences During WWII

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