Flouncing Fool!

Flouncing about all day with a paint brush in my hand is what I dreamed an artist would be, when I grew up. I’m still not grown up and flouncing turns out not to be an option when trying to create work being an artist. ‘Who knew!!’ It’s hard work creating on demand, what if my flows not flowing, what if my kids are driving me nuts and sapping the teeny weeny bit of energy I have left, what if the dishes need doing, the dog needs walking and the washing machine needs emptying. Well let me tell you all the flouncing that happens in my week tends to be in my tiny little mind! BUT…there’s light at the end of the tunnel of housework and gold nuggets in determination and goal setting and when I do eventually get those moments in my studio, I savour the moment of opening up the tin palette, like some supermarket ribbon cutting opening. I see the bright colourful paints and am grateful I have my chance to create amongst the chaos of life. My flounce begins and I flounce right off. Illustrating a children’s book or designing a range of animal prints, creating another beautiful family tree for a special someone makes me feel alive. All that hard work and effort works, keep pushing for your dreams, make time somewhere to do what makes you feel right inside…be in the kitchen, garden, knitting bag, photo or art studio…just keep creating those moments…and FLOUNCE away my creative friends.

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