Love Arty Farty

It’s always good, to push yourself out of your comfort zone, and Iinto something new; and I agree with this, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy. This week I went over to Huddersfield, (which is quite an arty farty, mill, loving area, believe it or not!) where I tentatively went along to an introductory course to screen printing, run by a really passionate artist, Lisa Stubbs.

She turned out to be a brilliant  children’s illustrator and author, a mummy of 3 with a real passion for her children and how we can be inspired (as well as exhausted) by them, through art.

Lisa’s screen prints were beautiful and gentle and really inspired me to keep going on my own journey, to continue creating artwork. The image shows some of her prints, taken on the day.

I’m looking for new ways to create art and think I have found a great new medium in screen printing…possibly for this year.

I have being inspired to continue learning and improving and recommend the West Yorkshire Printing Workshops…I’m so glad I didn’t stay at home that day!

Lisa has a lovely book called Lily and Bear   you can click to buy it.

Amanda x

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