I’m captivated

Since Christmas, even though I have been quiet on Grandad’s War FB pages, the likes keep coming from those who have now read the book and felt touched by it on a kind of simplistic, real level. This latest review encapsulates the feeling and experience the readers seem to be having. This was posted directly onto the Facebook page. “I have just finished reading Grandad’s War and you should feel so proud, Amanda. Not just proud of your wonderfully brave and inspirational Grandad, but also of yourself for actually putting this book together and bringing his recollections to the public. I was captivated from the first few words and the way you have written the transcript of exactly what he said, with all the little mannerisms of speaking included, made me feel I was also sitting in the room listening to him speak. He relates his story factually yet humbly and I could not help but feel enormous respect and admiration for Stephen and all the young men he served with and who fought for our freedom so selflessly. Thank you, Amanda, for reminding us what a huge debt of gratitude we owe your Grandad and his colleagues.”

What great words, the book is different to so many other great world war stories, in so much as its a transcript of his interview, it’s his words, not mine, I didn’t take liberties changing his voice to a more eloquent read, it’s true, it’s real and it’s there to remind the reader, they served us with their lives! Amanda x

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