In his voice!

Another great review came via email, from a gent who knew ‘Big Steve’, my Grandad. I wrote my Grandad’s book word for word as he told me his story; it was never about my skills in literature but to get his story across, in the hope it would have a profound affect on those who read it. And so far the reviews have all been very touching, here’s the latest one, I hope you enjoy it.

“My name is Keith, I was privileged and proud to have known your granddad. He will always be “Big Steve” to me to differentiate him from “Young Steve”, his son. Young Steve and I were very good friends in the 70s and he was best man at my wedding…I met Big Steve many times over those years at the family home…all three of us worked for Regal Taxis on nights and weekends.  I have very fond memories of big Steve, I remember him as always being happy and welcoming. He had an endless supply of jokes and a certain twinkle in his eyes. He was a man who’s company you would seek out and never tire of. I was fascinated by your book. I knew that he was a very proud guardsman but I had no idea of the extent of his war and the obvious horror that he and his generation endured. To come through that and become the man that I knew is a massive testament to his character. I noticed a strange thing as I read the book, because it is written in his words, in my head I read the whole book in his voice which is as clear to me now as listening to it all those years ago. Thank you for sharing a very intimate part of your family history. I am not ashamed to say that reading the book was an emotional experience but a great memorial to the man who was “Big Steve”.

Best wishes  Keith.
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