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Grey background flayer advertising the book granddads war as a great Christmas present idea for dads and granddads. The writing reads a Yorkshire mans story no fuss or overdone sense of pride honesty in the thick of everyday war implicit bravery from micklefield colliery to Germany the detail and poignancy leads the reader onto the frontline with coldstream gdsm sergeant Stephen simpson leaving a lasting impression upon the very heart wwII history £9.99 there is a green sprig of holly and a coldstream guardsman badge also on the advert
Great Christmas Idea
An advert for granddads war by a c reynolds for Christmas as a gift for people who have everything. with a buy now button and price of 9.99
A Christmas gift for that hard to buy for person.
 The story is delivered in true Yorkshire mans style, with warmth and good humour, parallel to the horrendous events of war. A narrative that made no fuss or overdone sense of pride, it is told with honesty, unpoetic and in the thick of ‘every day war’, to his Granddaughter; with all the uncertainty and daily toil and implicit bravery, as one task leads to the next; the detail and poignancy, leads the reader onto the frontline with Coldstream Guardsman, Sergeant Stephen Simpson and leaves a lasting impression upon the very heart. Set on the frontline, during WWII, Stephen Simpson was part of the infantry, in the Guards Armoured Division. Through his candid interview he takes us on a journey; out of the Yorkshire mine of Micklefield Colliery, through Europe and key campaigns, saving every photograph, form, pass out, and artefact he could collect to mark his life changing journey. Over 200 of these are featured throughout the chapters to make this a truly remarkable account of ones mans war, Grandad’s War.

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