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This is a colour photograph as used in an article about the author and the background to why she wrote granddads war it is a colour photograph of her holding the book and features the coldstream guard red tunic in the back god and bearskin hat and framed artefacts from the exhibition and book launch that were held over remembrance weekend of steve simpsons collection of war time WWII memorabilia.
A C Reynolds

The journalist said “Amanda, why have you written it? I understand this story is about your Grandad, but I want to know, about you, the story behind the story.” We talked for an hour about what led me to write my Grandad’s war story, I hadn’t been asked the question before, and I began to realise that I had, made the procrastinated, very, ‘One Day’ happen and this great treasure was a result of just that. The article from WF Live online read; “Then one day, about 15 years ago, we were sitting in my kitchen when an aeroplane flew over and he said, ‘that sounds just like a German mortar, like a thousand dogs whining in agony as they wind it up’. In saying that, he engaged me for the first time, so I said, ‘I’m going to sit you down one day, get one of those dictaphones, and get you to tell me your story from the beginning to the end’.” And that – eventually – is just what Amanda did.

“Him talking about the war had been with me since childhood but, as an adult, I recognised that he wanted to tell his story,” she said. “I can’t explain it – but something just told me that’s what I should do.”  “That was in the back of my mind, too, and I thought I really had to do this for the family, as something to pass on if I had any children but mainly, at the time, for my nieces and nephews.”  “I’ve always enjoyed writing,” said Amanda. “I’ve written poetry, I’ve written for myself, so this became a little family project to work on.” That, at the time, was all she intended Grandad’s War to be but, as he shared his memories and she realised how close he had been to the front line, and how many key engagements he took part in – including Operation Market Garden, Operation Goodwood and the liberation of Brussels – the thought dawned that his story perhaps deserved a wider audience than the ten books she had printed and bound for the family.

“I feel that I’m the vehicle for all this, for my grandad’s humbling and inspiring story. People are so grateful to me: they respect what he did and what I’ve done to bring his story to light but it’s not me that’s achieving all this – it’s him. It makes me feel that if I’ve never done anything else in my life, I’ve done this, and I’ve delivered it to people to carry on for future generations.” to read the full article click WFLIVE ONLINE.

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