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This is a photograph of a coldstream guard veterans dress uniform red tunic white leather belt and bear skin hat as seen as the queens official guards featuring sergeant stripe cloth badges on the right arm and many shiny large coldstream guards buttons and officers insignia on the collar embroiled. it has a red sash across the chest and has my Grandads medals pinned to the chest from the Normandy campaigns he took part in during wwii front line. it has been lent for the exhibition on remembrance weekend by a veteran who served in Afghanistan and northern Ireland and for the coldstream guards for 24 years.
Coldstream Guards Red Tunic 
This is an advert for the Exhibition and book launch for the book Grandad's War written by A C Reynolds it depicts the book front cover and coldstream guards official badge insignia and colours of blue red. It reads Grandads War Exhibition and book launch remembrance weekend 6th 7th 8th November FRI SAT SUN 10am till 4pm each day Vicars Court, The Old School, Vicars Terrace Allerton Bywater Castleford WF10 2DJ Find Us On Facebook Grandads War Free entry everyone welcome tea and coffee wheelchair access leeds born exhibiting his 200 artefacts personal collection saved throughout his time fighting WWII buy the book at amazon book shops

Exhibition & Book Launch Poster

In the final count down to the Exhibition and Book Launch – the work is done, everything has come together nicely and I have been blown away by peoples support, kindness and generosity, not just from friends but also strangers. So a big THANK YOU. have been out today to interview me and the Pontefract & Castleford Express are running a big feature in Thursdays edition which is amazing. I’ve become a Tweeting crazy person and even tweeted @britishmonarchy the other day to tell them about my Grandad’s story – he who served King and country when they needed him the most…and he didn’t let them down. Let’s hope Prince Harry pops round for a pint of John Smiths (not in fancy dress though eh Harry!!).

Amanda x

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