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A photograph of the books Grandad's War printed and packaged in brown paper for a special war time feel. With stickers that looked stamped and convey messages from the author like Thank you, enjoy your book, keep history alive, lest we forget. Framed in a postage stamp style as these are the books that are getting posted out to customers. wwii coldstream guards 5th battalion
Crisp brown paper packaged books for customers.

It’s been a busy few weeks now the book is available to buy here in my War Office. I make sure each book is signed (if requested) and each one is parcelled up in crispy brown paper for that special war time experience for my customers…not what you get from the mighty Amazon, might I add! Lot’s of people are buying them for Christmas presents for those special older folks who seem to have anything and everything, so might be something to think about if your reading this.

I’m really enjoying hearing the reviews and feedback from those who have started reading it already, so I have changed the Facebook page slightly so people can leave reviews for others to follow. That’s how confident I am with my Grandad’s lovely account and his humbling personality which comes shining through in the book.

Review 1: ‘I flicked through and started reading sections. I had to make myself put it down, I was meant to be packing for my holiday, I’m taking it with me.’ S. Lightfoot.

Review 2: ‘The first two pages have already gripped me – is there a link I can share on Facebook to get it going round?’ M. Lye

Review 3. ‘The first few pages I thought, mmm is this the right format, then I was there. I’m there, I’m with him. The next night I read right through to page 80, I can’t put it down.’ S. Halloran.

Love it! I am so passionate about the story itself and the way he talks you through his journey, the humility, the fear and the love for his comrades is truly inspirational. You really must read it for yourself…and leave a review with me too.

Amanda x

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