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This photograph is created in an old photograph image and is of 3 crates of John Smiths bitter donated by Tadcaster John Smiths brewery owned by Heineken. In support of the exhibition and book launch for the book written by author A C Reynolds Grandad's War published by Matador publishers 2015
Traditional Yorkshire Bitter – John Smiths

When John Smith’s Brewery in Tadcaster, Yorkshire heard about Grandad’s War story they have most generously and kindly donated 3 cases of John Smiths bitter towards the Book Launch, happening over Remembrance Weekend. They have done this in honour of a great man, who loved a pint of the great Yorkshire bitter, John Smiths.
On my journey researching and writing for the book I have met so many great people who have such an interest in stories like this. The younger generation of the Coldstream Guards turned out to be a really interested and supportive bunch, sharing posts and following the Facebook pages Grandads War. Organising the book launch and exhibition once again introduced me to some more lovely, supportive and generous people at Brigshaw Trust, the local school, and the local community library and centres. I must say that the War Spirit of community and bringing people together, really does still exist amongst good folk, and circulates around this book, which, interestingly started out as a small family project but seemed to be propelled to the next level by the interest generated by people in my Grandad’s special journey. Thank you. Amanda x

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