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That’s right I was invited back to school yesterday to give a talk to Year 6’s on the book I have written, Grandad’s War. I prepared my power point presentation and made up some stickers so the class could become Guardsman for the afternoon. The children asked many questions and didn’t get too fidgety, which I took as a good sign that most of them were really engaging with my Grandad’s story. Throughout the talk I randomly placed a black cross on various pupils or a red cross and at the end I asked the remaining pupils to stand up. I had worked out that had they been part of my Grandad’s 5th Battalion they would have lost 27% battle field killed and more injured. It helped the children see just how many of them didn’t come home.

They were all very lovely kids so I really enjoyed teaching them about something so important, thank you children.

I really enjoyed the talk and can see myself doing another in the future elsewhere.

Amanda x

Grandads War book cover which is in sepia colour looking old and distressed. In the photograph is a young soldier, Sergeant Stephen Simpson 2664217 Coldstrem Guard. It reads Grandads War by A C Reynolds A Coldstream Guards Frontline Experiences During WWII
Front Cover of the new book
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